Open Access Policy


The Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) is committed to the principles of open science and is aware of its social responsibility as a place of knowledge production, transfer and management. Open science combines strategies and procedures aimed at making all elements of the scientific process openly accessible and usable. This includes in particular responsible handling of research data as well as sustainable and free access to publications and knowledge as the basis for transparent, replicable, critical and efficient research. The Technisches Museum Wien therefore encourages its researchers to take the principles of open science into account in all phases of the research process and supports them in doing so. Open science activities are recognised as a characteristic of good scientific work.


The specific form of the services offered is determined by the responsible institutions. In any case, the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice must be observed. The Technisches Museum Wien lays down basic rules in this Policy. The Technisches Museum Wien endeavours to ensure permanent accessibility when publishing scientific texts, data or other research findings and other resources. This can be achieved through licensing under free licences (such as Creative Commons). Open science is implemented in compliance with the legal framework, for example on data protection, the protection of persons and personality rights as well as intellectual property and other property rights. Ethical issues and any contractual obligations are taken into account.

Open access and publications

Open access means providing free and unrestricted access to scientific and scholarly information. The Technisches Museum Wien endeavours to make its research findings freely accessible in the form of open access publications.

Research data

Research data are all data that are created and used in the context of scientific and scholarly research or result from it. They are available in different formats, types and aggregations. The Technisches Museum Wien recognises the publication of research data, for example in the online collection database, as being part of the scientific process.

The Technisches Museum Wien is obliged to prepare, save, document and store research data in accordance with the applicable subject-specific standards. All researchers are recommended to follow the FAIR principles.